Capturing your Child's School Year

Introducing Modern School Portraits

Sibling Portraits

If your school if offering Sibling Portraits, please watch this video on instructions on how to sign-up your children for Sibling Portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions


Each child has been assigned an Access Code for their private gallery. Please see this article for step by step instructions.

What if my access code doesn’t work?

A: Please double check if you used 90738 as access code.
If your access code still doesn’t work, please contact us.

What if my gallery doesn’t match or show my child?

Please contact us at

What are the benefits of purchasing AdvancePay credit?

By purchasing AdvancePay you receive Free Shipping.

How much is Shipping?

Standard shipping is $5.30. There are also Expedited and Heavier Shipping options.

Is there a make-up day?

We can capture their portrait any other day we are scheduled at your school or you may schedule to come to our studio.

How much are photo prints?

Photo Packages begin at $29.99 and a la carte begins at $9.99.

How soon will my photos be ready?

Your child’s portrait gallery will publish 1-2 weeks after all grades school portraits are complete.

I don’t have a smart phone or computer?

Please contact us directly at (424) 305-6697 and we can place an order on your behalf.

Do you offer virtual backgrounds?

Yes, there are virtual background options in your gallery. Please scroll to see all the options.

What if my child's photo requires advance editing?

Please contact us to discuss specifics of advance editing on your child’s portrait.

Why are photos shipped to my home and not to the school?

Shipping direct to client allows you to track and receive your photos quickly.

Can I share the photos on Instagram?

Yes! All purchased photos can be shared on social media, text, or email. Watermark is removed after purchase.

How do I request a refund?

We strive for excellent customer service, please contact us to discuss how we can make it right.

I never received my photos?

Please check your tracking number. We can only request a complimentary reprint within 3 months after purchase.

I have more than one child, can I combine their orders to save on shipping?

Yes! You can add packages and products to your cart for one private access code, then visit another private access code, add more packages and products to your cart, and checkout only once, resulting in only one shipping charge. To do this, you will shop one order at a time. Enter the access code for the first person. Order packages and products as usual, and add to the cart. While in the cart, tap on My Galleries at the top right corner. Then, add another gallery. Shop as usual, and add the products to the cart. Then checkout and enter payment information as usual.